The following links are interesting reading, these sites represent various Christian views some of which are different to mine but that's to be expected.

Betrothal, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Dirk Evenhuis' book 'Holy Matrimony' can be downloaded in pdf format from this site

It is now available as a free Ebook, here is the link:


The Restoration of Christian Marriage gives a fascinating insight into what the early Church fathers believed concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage.
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Dr. Joseph Webb's book 'Till Death Do Us Part?' can be purchased online from Amazon:
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David Pawson has an excellent website, check it out. There is also a video to watch on this site:
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Daniel R Jennings' book 'Except For Fornication' can be downloaded in pdf from his website:
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Tony Walker has some more great thoughts on Marriage, check out his website:
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My other site is a collection of thoughts on the Horsemen of Revelation:
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